The Simple Things You Do Make A Big Difference

The Simple Things You Do Make A Big Difference

Happy Faith-Building First! Let’s remember to always put our faith first.

Sometimes as a mother, I get discouraged by the monotony of the mundane everyday tasks. Another meal here, another outfit change, another Sunday struggle to get everyone out the door to church. And a lot of these tasks I perform often go without much appreciation. As I have prayed, I was inspired by the answer I received.

“By small and simple things

are great things brought to pass.”

-Alma 37:6-

I truly believe that it is through these mundane everyday tasks we perform as mothers, that we will bring about great things. “Another meal here” is a small step towards raising a child that will make healthy choices. Each “Sunday struggle” can result in your child’s testimony of Christ becoming stronger and stronger. Another diaper change, another carpool, another time being late to an activity because your child wanted to tie their shoes themselves. It may be hard to see in the moment, when you’re looking at the clock ticking and the laces fumbling, but you might see it years down the road when your child is confident in their abilities. Great confidence, great healthy choices, and great faith don’t just happen. They are built day by day in small ways.

It’s just like this bowl of blueberries. How did I fill this great big bowl? It is filled with numerous tiny berries. If you set one blueberry on the counter, it looks incredibly small. But even such small berries can fill up a great big bowl when added together.

Dwayne Johnson said, “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

You don’t just say “I want to do something great” and then greatness follows. Greatness comes from consistently working towards your goals. What are your goals? Do you want your child to make healthy choices? Do you want a child that is confident? Do you want to raise a child that will trust in Christ? Then cook another healthy meal, exercise another ten minutes of patience while your child learns to be independent, and continue to teach your child about Christ even when you don’t think they are listening.

Don’t get discouraged mama. What you are doing on a daily basis is worthwhile. The tasks you are doing, though you might not enjoy doing all of them, are bringing about greatness. Keep being consistent. Keep adding blueberries to your bowl. You are bringing about greatness in yourself, your family, and the community around you one day at a time.

What simple things do you do that make a big difference?

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