How Pinterest Can Make You a Bad Mom & The Perfect Mama Checklist

How Pinterest Can Make You a Bad Mom & The Perfect Mama Checklist

Let me start by saying that I love Pinterest. It is a great resource and I enjoy spending time using it. However, Pinterest has a dark side. Below, you will see how Pinterest can make you a bad mom and sign up for free for the full checklist on what things actually make the perfect mother. You can also accept the Mom Bond Challenge to grow as a mama.

It can make you think your child needs a fancy birthday party.

You are flooded by images of handmade party favors, flawless cakes, and pristine decorations. There are must-have party themes that flatten your wallet. You are convinced that a good mother would spend countless hours and a chunk of money concocting the perfect party. This is not true. This could actually make a mama grumpy, tired, and stressed. The pinned images look wonderful in theory, but maybe they aren’t the best.

How could you better spend your time if you choose to keep things simple? Maybe you could spend time playing a game with your kids the night before the birthday party, instead of cutting out banners because you hit up the dollar store for a handful of decorations instead. Your kids probably won’t even remember the little details of their party. If you enjoy making a themed cake with fondant and arranging place settings for a group of toddlers then by all means, do what you enjoy. Just remember that you can choose not do those things and still be a good mother.

It can make you feel like a failure if your meals aren’t picture-perfect.

The meal you cooked for your family isn’t perfectly healthy with perfect proportions and pretty enough for a cookbook cover? Then you are obviously a second-rate mother, according to the trending pins. Individuals on Pinterest are constantly pinning recipes and instructions on preparing healthy meals. Food is food. It is okay to look to Pinterest for inspiration to make healthier food for your family, however, don’t start beating yourself up for not cooking in the perfect way. When you are down on yourself, you prevent yourself from being the best mom you can be.

It can make you think the activities you do with your children are not enough.

You constantly see pins about crafts, games, and activities that “good moms” are always doing with their kids. Pinterest is good to get new ideas of things to do with your kids, but you should never feel like you need to constantly entertain them with structured activities. Shocker: kids can entertain themselves sometimes. Good moms do activities with their kids, but they also let them learn how to entertain themselves. Pinterest makes you a bad mom when you feel guilty for not doing a weekly arts & crafts session with the kiddos. When you feel guilty and inadequate, you can’t be the rockstar mom you truly are.

It can make you think that you don’t look like a perfect mom should.

You see images of super fit moms, in designer clothes, with their hair and makeup on point. There is pin and pin about how to lose the baby weight. What you should be eating. What you shouldn’t be eating. What you should be doing in your workout. What you should be wearing for your body type. What you shouldn’t wear with your body type. How to get a new body type. The information is overwhelming. A good mom does take care of herself. Pinterest makes you a bad mom by making you focus on eating, dressing, and looking a certain way.

What else could you be doing with your time besides looking at step-by-step instructions on how to use expensive makeup to contour? Instead of spending twenty minutes saving fitness pins, you could actually be doing a twenty-minute workout. Using Pinterest as motivation to get in shape is good. What’s bad is when the pins become your primary focus.

It can make you think good moms live in spotless, ginormous houses.

There are so many pins on Pinterest of gorgeous living rooms, vintage dining tables, beautifully landscaped backyards, and glistening kitchens. If you are feeling like you need to upgrade your bathroom, need to buy a bigger house, or need to sweep the entire kitchen every time a crumb hits the hardwood, then you really need a reality check. Despite how Pinterest makes you feel, you are not a bad mom because your house doesn’t look like that. Reality: those picture-perfect homes don’t look lived in. They are cleaned up and cleared out to create the perfect photograph for Pinterest. Your home might not look like that, but at least your house is actually lived in. Your home is filled with all sorts of signs of living.

It can steal your time.

There is more “pinning” than “doing.” Pinterest makes you a bad mom when you spend more time pinning things you will do someday instead of doing things today. You could be doing fun things with your kids instead of pinning fun things you would like to do with them this weekend. You could be working out instead of pinning you 27th pin on workouts.

You also waste time obsessing about how things should be. How creative your child’s birthday party should be, how skinny you should be at six months postpartum, how spotless your kitchen should be, and how amazing your meals should be are just a few areas in which Pinterest can fuel obsession. Pinterest can consume you, or at least consume all your free time. Limit how much time you spend on Pinterest, and don’t let yourself become addicted to it.

Overall, it can make you feel like you are falling short.

It can make you feel like you are not doing enough. It can pressure you to be perfect. It overloads you with images of how things supposedly should be. If you feel down on yourself after being on Pinterest, it is time to put things into perspective or take a break. Pinterest makes you a bad mom when you start to degrade yourself for not living like the most popular boards.  Do not compare yourself and your life to what you see on Pinterest. Don’t let the pins tell you what you should be doing or wearing, think for yourself. Live up to your own expectations.

What actually makes a perfect mom

Loving your children. If you love your children and make an effort to show them that you love them, then you are a good mom. Don’t let all those pins make you forget what is really important; your love for your child. Loving your children is just one item on the Perfect Mama Checklist.

There are nine other things on the list that make a mom perfect. Sign up to receive the full checklist, free! If you do these 10 things, you will be the perfect mother. Also, accept the Mom Bond Challenge and challenge yourself to be the best mom you can be.

Pinterest is great. Use it to find ideas of how to show love for you kids. Use it to find a workout you can do while your child takes an afternoon nap. Use it to motivate you to cook healthier. Use it, but don’t let it abuse you. Don’t let it make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t fall in the trap of comparison. Use Pinterest, just use it with perspective. Perspective and love are the formula for one perfect mama.

Have you ever felt inadequate as a mom after being on social media? What can you do to prevent feeling this way?


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