Open Letter to Myself After Having A Baby

Open Letter to Myself After Having A Baby

Dear Self,

You just had a baby. It is a wonderful blessing, but this first part is going to be really tough. Your grandmother said , “The first six weeks of caring for a new baby is like walking under water and not being able to get any air.” She wasn’t lying. She also said, “After that it gets a lot easier.” That is true too. You are going to have a rough couple of weeks, but just keep telling yourself that it is going to get better.

You are not going to die. It might feel like you are going to die from pain, sleep deprivation, or both. But you won’t. You might think breastfeeding will be the death of you, but you will survive it.

You will start getting enough sleep. Believe your friends and family when they say that you won’t always be waking up five times in the middle of the night. Believe that your baby will eventually start sleeping longer than three hours at a time. She will even start sleeping through the entire night sooner than you expected.

Your connection with your baby will grow. You love your baby, but you’re worried that it is not enough. Stop worrying and give yourself time to grow that connection. With sleep and time you will feel closer to your daughter. Your love for her will grow so much that your heart will feel like it is physically going to burst.

Your body will go back to normal. You will feel like you are in your own skin again, with just a few added stretchmarks. Your body will return to its old self, just maybe not as fast as you hope.

If you start feeling sad of extremely anxious, seek help. Don’t wait for it to get bad. I honestly think every new mom should seek counseling even if it is just for some mild baby blues. You go through so many changes: to your schedule, to your environment, to your body, to your emotions, to your hormones. It’s a lot. And there is nothing wrong with getting a little help adjusting to it all.

You are going to be a good mother. Tell the voice in your head to shut up. The voice that tries to make you think you can’t do this or that you are no good at this whole “mom thing.” You are a good mom, and you will continue to be a good mom. You are going to give your daughter everything she needs. You show her how much you love her.

You will find both joy and sacrifice in being a mother. You give up sleep, free time, your meal still being warm by the time you get to eat it. If you only knew how much you are getting in return for what you are giving up. If you knew, you would never complain about any of the less glamorous parts of motherhood. It will be a hard adjustment, but it will be rewarding.

Make sure you enjoy this time. It will never be like this with your baby again. The days may seem long, but the weeks and months will start flying by. Don’t take for granted this opportunity you have to raise a precious child. These moments are a blessing.

And you should also know that the little bundle of joy you are holding is going to bring you more happiness that you can imagine. Just wait until she starts to intentionally smile up at you. Those smiles have the power to melt your heart.



What would you tell yourself after just having a baby?

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