What is the Marriage Bond Challenge?

What is the Marriage Bond Challenge?

What is it?

A “Marriage Bond” is the emotional connection between you and your spouse. The short book, Marriage Bond Challenge, is designed to help that bond grow.

The Purpose

It can make your marriage stronger. No matter where you are at in your marriage, this challenge can help you grow even closer to your spouse.


The challenge is broken down into nineteen days. Each day has a marriage tip, a picture to take, and a journal entry to write. Spending only a few minutes a day, for nineteen days can strengthen your marriage. It’s that simple. Why not accept the challenge?

How do I accept the challenge?

All you need to participate in the challenge is a copy of the Marriage Bond Challenge. Click here to get a copy from Amazon.com.

Social Media

Using social media while you complete the Marriage Bond Challenge is optional. For those that use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, the Marriage Bond Challenge has specific hashtags listed like #MarriageBondChallenge in order to create a pool of inspiration from everyone’s posts. The Marriage Bond Challenge can also guide posts and provide photography ideas for relationship bloggers. You don’t have to publicly share every inch of your journey, but sharing some of your journey can inspire others. If you link to the book AND one of the social media sites, Mama Imperfection will feature favorites with a link back to your blog or social media profile!

What are you waiting for?

Refresh your marriage.

Accept the challenge.

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