Goals You Need in 2018 to Strengthen Your Marriage

Goals You Need in 2018 to Strengthen Your Marriage

Do you want to start the New Year off with some goals that can make your marriage the strongest it can be? Here are some tips and ideas to jump-start your New Years marriage resolutions:

Goals For Yourself

If you want to strengthen your marriage, first think of how you can improve yourself. What things can you do that will help you grow in terms of personal development? You need to be the best you can be, so your marriage can be the best it can be. Both you and your husband should set personal goals and talk about them with each other.


• Read my bible every day for 10 minutes
• Workout 4 days a week for 30 minutes
• Talk to a psychologist about anxiety relief techniques
• Put my phone down when spending time with family and friends
• Write in my journal once a week
• Use a language app to practice Spanish daily

A Goal From Your Spouse

Ask your spouse to give you a goal they would like you to do. It could be easy to be defensive during this part of the goal setting, but try to have an open mind. If you honestly want to strengthen your marriage, listen to what your spouse suggests. Changing one thing your spouse would like you to change this year can go a long way.


• Make sure your dirty clothes end up in the laundry basket
• Don’t leave in the middle of an argument

A Goal To Your Spouse

Now it’s your turn. Think of one thing your spouse could do that would make a big difference in your marriage. Be aware of how you word this goal. You don’t want to sound like you are attacking your partner. Pick the one thing that you think would make the biggest difference.


• No yelling during an argument
• Turn the television off during dinner

Marriage Goals

Set goals that you can work on together as a team. You have goals to work on individually. Now is the time to set marriage goals that require both of your best efforts. Think like a power couple.


• Read three books together this year about marriage
• Accept the 19-day Marriage Bond Challenge
• Go on a biweekly date night
• Create and stick to a budget
• Each spouse tells their partner three positive things a day (Example: 1. I like your hair today. 2. I appreciate you doing the dishes. 3. You have a great sense of humor.)
• Schedule weekly or monthly meetings to discuss progress on these goals or to communicate about upcoming activities and events.
• Make a big deal about Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, and other holidays to make each other feel special.
• Keep on top of the laundry, dishes, and organization of the house
• Have a sit-down dinner every night with no distractions from technology

Other Tips

• Make sure your goals are specific and measureable.
• Don’t set too many goals. You are more likely to accomplish more if you are not overwhelmed by trying to do everything all at once.
• If you do have a lot of goals, you can categorize them. Then each month could have a different category focus.
• If you slip up, don’t give up. Just keep going. Your goal won’t make you perfect, but they can make you better.

Making small changes this year, can make it the best year you’ve ever had. Happy New Year! Sign up for Mama Imperfection’s newsletter for more tips. What are your goals for this new year?


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