3 Reasons to Post Another Picture

3 Reasons to Post Another Picture

Debating whether or not you should post the 527th picture of your three-year-old? Wondering if it is too soon to post another selfie? Here are three reasons you should stop debating and just post another picture already:

1. It’s your page.

Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or another social media site: it’s your profile. Post what you want. If people don’t want to see it, they’ll stop following you. In a world where many people find value in a high number of likes and followers, this attitude can seem risky. However, the people who don’t unfriend you after the 67th photo of your dog are the kind of people you want following you anyways. They will be loyal because they like you for you.

2. It helps you focus on the good.

Your kids drive you crazy sometimes. Instead of focusing on how annoying it is that you had to scrub up another grape juice spill, you can look at the pictures you took of your kids at the park and remember that those knuckleheads bring you joy as well. And let’s be real. Your cat sometimes has an evil streak or ignores you, but if you snap a picture to document his sweet side you might remember that you actually do love him.

3. We need more positivity.

We need less negativity cluttering our newsfeeds. We need less rants about people and trivial things. We need more you. We need more pictures of your smiling face on Instagram. We need more pictures of your kids covered in chocolate or your dog sleeping. We need more things that make us smile and remind us to enjoy the little things. Spread happiness. Share joy. Brighten the internet. Brighten the world.

What is your favorite thing to post about on your social media?

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